Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I went on a wander yesterday between lectures in search of some sheep, this sounds weird but i had to find some subjects for my 3rd yr project and sheep seemed a reliable animal for observation. i knew there was a herd of some old world breed at the botanical gardens so this seemed a good place to start. After a bit of investigation and asking the groundsmen i  soon came across the meadow they had as their home. They were a mix of Manx Loaghtan and Hebridian sheep, both sexes having horns, although also clear sexual dimorphism with an impressive 4 horns from the males. They were all very tame, being used to strangers walking through the field regularly, and there were used to being fed. After initial interest in me including a slightly aggressive ram, they soon got bored and ignored my presence. There were two rams, one (whom i was now well aquanited with), was much more dominant.

The less dominant of the two rams- still an impressive set of horns!

The hay feeder (notice it has been repaired with hazel stakes)

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