Friday, 22 June 2012


the allotment is looking at its best with bright foxgloves out in their full glory. Some lovely marigolds planted by charlie are just peeping out and the gem lettuces are looking well... like gems. As we are sadly leaving Durham so soon, we have harvested some of our veg a little prematurely for an allotment feast. That means the potatoes are grubbed up for a delicious accompaniment to the radishes and spinach. We also have a fantastic garlic crop, on the small side but very flavoursome!

some protective measures have also had to be put in place for some of the veg, this includes small pots of beer to catch slugs and snails as well the ingenious use of holy to ward off would be attackers from the peas (a solution demonstrated by Sally).

Monday, 11 June 2012

animals around and about

i have come across these fellows in the last few days, they were very friendly.