Thursday, 7 March 2013

EcoBuild at ExCeL centre

EcoBuild is a 4 day exhibition at the ExCeL centre, one of London's hottest venues for massive conference events. and it sure was massive! There were hundreds of stands with a host of businesses promoting their products and a load of fascinating discussions in various arenas around the venue.

One of the striking features was a preview of a new film 'TRASHED' to be released later this year about our waste and its current effect on the environment and our health. It is fascinating yet hideous and Jeremy Irons as the protagonist lends his suitably grave tones to the voiceover. (If I can find a preview clip i'll post it here).

Apart from this I heard and took part in some great discussions on a sustainable future and the various meanings and interpretations of sustainable/Eco/green building and technology. I also took a good look at the straw bale house under construction and here are a few dodgy shots I took of it.

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